Upgrading to a Twin

It’s a sad day…a day of days…a transitional day.  Wendy and I decided it was the right time to sell our 1977 Piper Lance, N1UG.  She’s been a trusty steed, and has carried us all over the country safely, doing everything we’ve asked her to do.  After conversations between us though, we’ve decided that what we really want is redundancy…a twin-engined aircraft.  We fly day and night, VFR and IFR, flat and mountainous terrain and even over open water…redundant systems are key for the way we fly.  We’ve decided what fits the bill best is a Piper Seneca II.  Similar cabin, lots of part commonality, and I already have time in the type.  Twin turbo will also allow us to get up above the vast amount of weather that we encounter.  In the grand scheme of things, the fuel burn won’t be too much more than the Lance, so we feel like this will be the perfect aircraft to carry us several years into the future.  The good news is that N1UG will only be a few hangars down from us, and maybe the new owners will give us visitation rights :)

We didn’t even really mean to start shopping for a new aircraft.  We had a simple hypothetical conversation on the way home from one of our last trips to Indianapolis, and, long story short, we stumbled into shopping for a twin.  After looking at three other aircraft, we found N5687V, a 1977 Piper Seneca II that was in Annapolis, MD.  We reviewed the log books, flew up to Baltimore, inspected the aircraft, and decided to bring her home!