Electronics International CGR-30P Installation Log, Pt. 3

Just a quick update for everyone today. Starting taking the aircraft apart to facilitate the installation of the instrument, as well as its assorted probes and wiring. All work takes place on this aircraft from the panel forward. The cowl has to come off to access the entire engine compartment. CHT, EGT, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, and Oil Temperature probes & sensors will be mounted in here.

After much reading of the installation manual, as well as thinking about it, we’ve decided to mount the Engine Data Converter (EDC) in the front baggage compartment, behind a plastic panel. “(As per the manual) The EDC-33P converts all of the engine and aircraft system signals into serial data. This data is transmitted to the CGR display via one wire 5V-Serial Bus.” The Manifold Pressure sensor will be mounted inside the baggage compartment as well. It’s one of the few pieces that can’t be mounted inside the engine compartment.

There has been some back and forth about where the CGR display will be placed. The two best options are circled in the picture above. Either the ADF indicator or the NAV2 CDI would be displaced to the lower panel where the Manifold Pressure/Fuel Flow gauge and Tachometer will come out of the plane.  For wiring’s sake, it would be easier to put it where the ADF indicator is; however, I fly predominantly with my left hand and the location where the NAV2 CDI is would be better for accessing with my right hand. Additionally, I already look that direction to see most of my engine information, and it is within 8” of my visual center. I’m leaning more towards this location for the display.  Again, this is one of the biggest reasons I decided to pull the trigger on the CGR-30P.  Once installed, quite a bit of what you see in this photo will be removed since the CGR is a certified primary replacement gauge.

As an aside, yes, I know...I still have an ADF in my aircraft. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to complete the upgrade of any avionics yet. Once I do though, the ADF will be going away. As it stands, it's the only way I can legally get back into my home base airport IFR.

Stay tuned as next up will be the initial installation of the EGT, CHT, and Oil Temperature probes.