We are Zachary & Wendy Colescott. We met in 2012 and started flying together on our third date!  Zach is a pilot, an airport manager, and an all-around aviation geek. Wendy is a travel junky who is always up for an adventure, and has become very spoiled with having her pilot husband chauffeur her around to different destinations or to visit family.

General aviation gives us the chance to visit lots of places including major travel destinations, but our favorites are the off the beaten path places that the commercial airlines don’t give easy access to. We travel as much as we can and love telling people about our adventures. Several people have asked us over the years to create a list of our favorite general aviation destinations to share with them, so we thought it would be fun to share them with an even bigger audience!

We have owned three airplanes so far; a 1973 Cessna172M Skyhawk, a 1977 Piper PA32R-300 Lance, and now a 1977 Piper PA34-200T Seneca II.  Each one has served us well and has fulfilled a slightly different mission for different stages of our lives.  Zach tends to be a very hands on aircraft owner who does everything he can himself, and assists the maintenance shop with everything else. He loves to share the knowledge he has learned with other people that have a passion for aviation.

We reside in Winchester, TN, a quiet little lake town in Southern Middle Tennessee, close to the Alabama state line.  Our home base is the Winchester Municipal Airport (KBGF).  We hope you enjoy following along on our adventures in general aviation!



People often ask me how long I've been into flying.  I can't remember a time when I wasn't in airplanes!  Both grandfathers were pilots, and I would fly with them when I was younger.  At age 16 I started taking flying lessons, although I'd known how to fly a plane for a long time.  Since then I have received my Commercial, Instrument, and Multi-Engine certificates.  I went to Indiana State University after high school with the intention of pursuing a career as an airline pilot.  To make a long story short, things didn't exactly work out how I had planned them to.  I ended up graduating with a degree in Aerospace Administration.  After a couple of other positions in aviation, I backwardly ended up in Airport Management.  In 2009, I accepted the position of Airport Manager in Leadville, CO.  After that, I accepted the position of Airport Manager in Winchester, TN, where Wendy and I currently reside.  When not flying with her, I fly as a skydive pilot and ferry aircraft when needed.  



My love for flying is a new found passion, but my love for travel is one I've always had. I was born and raised in Tennessee. I grew up in the Eastern part of the state and moved to Middle TN to attend Middle Tennessee State University, which incidentally has a major aviation program. I graduated from college around the time the economy crashed, and I fell into working in the banking industry where I eventually landed in my current career as an executive recruiter for the banking and finance industry. I jokingly refer to myself as an accidental aviation enthusiast. Zach and I both have huge families but we don't live near any of them. I love that owning our own aircraft allows us to not only travel frequently, but also allows us be with our families frequently.